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International Circle of Scholars Scholarship: York University (Canada) 2018 – 2019



York University provides education to its 53,000 students by way of innovative course design, cross-discipline programming, a diverse and experiential learning process, and a very healthy and supportive community environment. All the students are educated to be able to have big ideas and countless career opportunities.

York University is the second largest university which is located in Ontario province, and is also the third largest university in Canada. Yale University is also proud to have more than 200 university partnerships from all around the world. York University also has an operating budget of $1 billion.


Among the other scholarships awarded at York University is the very prestigious International Circle of Scholars Scholarship. This scholarship is to be awarded to the international students, who should be having a valid study permit in Canada and starting their first year as part of the full-time undergraduate degree program.


The students eligible for this scholarship can pursue an Undergraduate degree course in the following fields:

  • Media
  • Arts
  • Performance and Design
  • Liberal Arts and the Professional Studies
  • Glendon
  • Environmental Studies
  • Science
  • Health
  • Lassonde School of Engineering/ Schulich School of Business



Please ensure that you meet these minimum entry criteria before applying:

  • International student
  • In possession of a Canadian study permit
  • Nominated through their high school, having distinctive academic achievement with an A average or an equivalent
  • The applicants should have been graduates from a secondary school within the last 2 years
  • Entering first year of gull-time study in the university (undergraduate)



To apply for this scholarship you simply need to fill out the Student Financial Profile online and complete all the details requested at: and

You will also be required to submit one letter of recommendation with your application.

When you submit this application you also have an opportunity to be considered for the other scholarships available for international students that require an application.


The Student Financial Profile or the SFP is the multipurpose application form that needs to be filled online which is essentially used for applying for scholarship programs, awards, the bursaries and also the employment activity happening on the campus at the York University.

You can refer to the SFP or the Student Financial Profile page online at the York University website for any additional information, which includes information regarding the deadlines for submitting the application.

In case you are not eligible for the OSAP or the funding for out-of-province students, then you should not forget to list down your resources on your SFP application. If you are reporting zero resources in the SFP, your application will not be considered.


For the Summer 2018 programs, the application will be available from April 10, 2018. Students need to submit their SFP by 16 June 2018, for the work/study program and by 14 July 2018, to be eligible for the York University Undergraduate Bursary.


For any queries, please contact:
York University
Tel: 416-736-5000

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