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Education and Teaching Scholarships Nigeria 2018 – 2019


Education and Teaching is one of the most important sectors, for without teachers, lecturers and professors, there would be no-one to teach children (and future professionals) of the next generation.

Teachers generally specialise and teach within a certain subject or field – for example, if you have strong mathematical and science skills, then you should probably pursue a teaching career in science or medicine, whereas if you have strong linguistic skills you will probably be a good language teacher, and likewise if you are creative you may decide to become an art or music teacher.

Teachers require certain skills in order to be successful in their job and to help students achieve good grades – not only do you need patience to deal with students who are slower to grasp concepts, but you also need to be able to explain concepts in a manner that all students may understand, have strong communication skills (not only verbal, but also written and body language), the ability to think critically and strong organisational skills.

Some of the career paths within the Education sector includes:

  • School teacher (primary school, junior secondary school, senior secondary school)
  • Tertiary education teacher (technical college, university)
  • Lecturer
  • Professor
  • Tutorer
  • Academic Dean


List of Education and Teaching Scholarships for Nigerian Students:

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