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Arts Scholarship Nigerian 2018 – 2019


The Arts sectors is the field where creativity is key. If you have a passion to create (whether it be films and movies, music, art work, dance, fashion etc) this could be the field where you can express all your creative ideas and artistic talents.

Some of the top careers paths in the Arts field includes:

  • Drama/ Actor (on stage, in big blockbuster movies or on the small screen)
  • Dancer (this includes dance performer and dance choreographers)
  • Fashion/ Accessory Designer
  • Singer
  • Musician
  • Stand-up Comedian
  • Artist (painting, sculpture creator)

Pursuing a career in the Arts sector require certain skills sets, such as: fine attention to details, ability to visual and interpret your creative ideas, able to set yourself apart from other creators by having your own personal style, able to persist and keep consist with a high level of quality and the ability to be constantly reinventing your work.

List of Arts Scholarships for Nigerian Students:


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